This blog is dedicated to Depeche Mode and their members: Alan Wilder, Dave Gahan, Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher.


An American 80s kid’s show interview Alan Wilder from Depeche Mode in 1988:
6.20 - presenting the band with 1985 footage
6.35 - Interview with Alan before the Rose Bowl concert (“he’s the main synthesizer guy”) - Alan must have drawn the short straw. hehe
7.44 - the kids review the Depeche Mode show they saw (no. 85 on the 1988 tour)
8.19 - This is the best part of the clip. ;)  I love how talking about David got them to be all spontaneous after the rehearsed part of the ‘concert review’. Guy’s magic. (Boy: “David Gahan was doing all kinds of crazy things on stage with his pelvis and stuff.”)

(via davidfletchleewilder)

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